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This blog documents the progress of my  Advanced Design class term project. The tabs above document my weekly progress. The class ended with a final review, and a class book. Following is my book layout which summarizes my project and final designs.

Book Layout

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  1. The “Buy Local, Buy America” topic seems to be highly challenging but also highly rewarding, for a term long project. More concrete design concepts to approach this topic needs to be identified. Maybe start with listing varies problems, and possible ways to motivate people to act on it.

  2. Matthew Dettman

    I like the Buy Local, Buy America slogan but I feel you will be able to showcase your work by focusing on Eugene because you live here and are more familiar with everything. Obviously you can research various things online but you’ll be able to visit various stores or places and make the project more relative to people from Eugene.

  3. I like the idea of combining photography and typography and the concept of “Buy Local, Buy America” should be a great topic with this medium.

  4. one thing to think about is if you are going to make your own products is that you need to find a cheap way of making them because many people dont buy Aerican/local things if they are more expensive.

  5. excited to see very modern, visually compelling posters for this project.

  6. I think you should stick with the local produce idea. Go to the Saturday market on a nice day and photograph some of the delicious food. Talk to the people that grow it. Research what actually goes into some of the produce that is made with GMO’s. Present these facts to your audience to ensure an understanding of your point.

  7. I like the slogan, and from what im visualizing about your project based on your description should be pretty great. Id love to see these photos large, and imposing, almost daring you to look away. i think if you chose to include buy American, you might end up in a topic that includes economic factors, human working conditions, lots to play with. If you choose to just keep it buy local, you have an argument against preservatives. also valid.

  8. I think that the Buy Local idea should be focused more on our area than, say, the rest of the US. The problem you face with the country as a whole is capturing a unified face for everyone, which takes away from any unique perspectives. Anyone from Eugene knows how “Eugene” it is. I think this focus would make your project more dynamic or at least interesting. Look through some old/new “regionalism” artworks and see if that voice resonates with you.

  9. I agree with most peoples comments. Buy Local, Buy America is a great idea. However Buy America could be a tough subject to tackle with our given time frame. What are your ideas on how to include the nation in your project as opposed to just Oregon, or Eugene?

  10. This is a solid idea, definitely a big trend for this right now. I think that if you really want this to work though, it needs to actually be local, not “US local”. Different foods are grown all over our country and I think it’s more important to focus on our immediate surroundings and what there is to offer. It will also be easier on your research.

  11. Neat-o idea! I like the slogan and think you can go places with this. How are you going to present all of this?

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