The Project Proposal

Project Ideas: Currently I know the following about my term project: I would like to incorporate photography with an interesting use of typography because both are great interests of mine.

An artist that is an inspiration for typography is David Carson. I have always admired the non-conventional use of typography in his designs. Another inspiration for the project is Barbara deWilde. Her clean and simple, yet striking photographic images are the look that I am working toward.

The dilemma I am still facing is the subject matter. I have 2-3 possibilities that I am still trying to decide between. My original idea was to promote the idea of buying local products—produce, handmade items etc. However, the more I contemplated my project I realized I am also interested in expanding this thought further to the idea of buying products “Made in America.” This concept could encompass not only locally made products, but products made throughout the United States. I have always made an effort to do this personally, and feel if more people would embrace the idea, it would not only be good for small business in America but the economy as a whole.

Another project I have contemplated is incorporating this class project with a video art piece that I produced last term about forest clear cuts. I have always found forest clear cuts to be an ugly eyesore on an otherwise beautiful forest landscape or mountain scene. However I know people who have a completely different view. They find them beneficial, and even beautiful. They also consider them a way to open up scenic views that the public might never have the chance to see. This concept, that what one person views as an eyesore might actually be viewed as a work of art by another individual, is interesting to me. My video piece, “Federal Forest Landscape Sculpture” explored this concept in further detail. Therefore, I thought it might also be interesting to expand this project further by incorporating print pieces.

Components: I plan to design a series of posters. I also hope to include a website because website design is an area I would like to expand my talents in. Additionally if time allows, I would also like to incorporate a textile piece or greeting cards.

Goal: The goal of my project is to produce pieces that inspire thought about the products we buy; or how beauty in all things, including forest clear cuts, is in the eye of the beholder.


Week 1 – Research

Week 2 – Define project subject by the end of the week

Week 3 – Continue research, begin acquiring photographic images

Week 4 – Continue shooting photos, begin poster and website design

Week 5 & 6 – Continue project development

Week 7 – Finish posters, send to printer, add textile or greeting card if time allows

Week 8 – Finalize website

Week 9 – Project Due. Design chapter for on-demand-publishing class book.

Week 10 – Open studio to public for final reviews (Wed. June 2, 2010)


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