Week 5 & 6

Week 5

New ideas:

Use “Go Green” movement as inspiration:


“how to buy local, buy america (n)”  or “buy usa”

how to buy usa: food

how to buy usa: household

how to buy usa: transportation

how to buy usa: apparel

how t0 buy usa: toys



Website research (sites currently out there):




A  few other slogan and image ideas:

Week 6

This week I continued taking photos for my posters. I also researched poster prices and decided to try to keep the printing price close to $10 per poster.

My goal is to have the posters to the printer at the beginning of next week.

I also started experimenting in dreamweaver trying to figure out the website. Following is just one sample I created.

Poster Type Work:

Initial Poster Proof Samples :

I have decided to do a series of 4-6 posters and alternate the buyLocal, buyUSA headline.

Alternate Colors:

  1. Jasmine,

    Here is a thought – if you are going to take your ‘five to thrive’ idea forward, you can make five posters to co-respond to the five things you suggest we can start with.

    Also, each poster highlight a key word seems to work well, such as flavor, safety, economy, community, etc.

    It might works better to keep “buy Local” and “buy USA” together on each poster so they stay in one group of work?

    Layout ideas – what if the key word “flavor” appears on above the image, and ‘buy local, buy USA’ at the bottom with your line of text?

    • Thank you for the input. I really like the 5 poster idea–I haven’t totally decided whether I will definitely use the “Five to Thrive” but I think this would work really well.

      Also, completely on the same wave length regarding the keywords on each poster. I had already been working on these: healthy, unique, reliable, safety etc. However had not thought about having the keyword above the image. I think that could also work well. I will do some proofs with that layout for critique on Wednesday.

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